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Ana spent her childhood close to the sea in Venezuela, where she was born. Already in her adolescents, she moved to Germany, far from the sea and the sun. She began to live out her love for the world of surfing on the French Atlantic coast, from that moment her new passion and her lifestyle became one. Surfing.

  • Nickname: Ana
  • Date of birth: 1985, Venezuela
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Specialization: Surf Coach for Beginners and Family / Kids
  • Homebase: Canary Islands
  • Workplace: Fuerteventura
  • Jobs: Surf Coach, Interpreter
  • Skills: Development, Organization
  • Interests: ​Traveling & get to know different cultures and scenes
  • Other sports: Yoga, Swimming, Snorkel

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  • I am a surfer, because ...
    I love the Sea, the beach, the sun the mixture of everything and above all the feeling of being connected with nature through the waves. That unique sensation makes surfing more than just a sport, finally it’s a lifestyle.
  • Coaching experience: 10 years
  • Licences: STP License, ISA Surf Coach, NARS Livesaver
  • Training grounds: El Hierro
  • Favorite coaching spots: ​Canary Islands and the world
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Shaper: Santa Cruz Surfboards, Joyas
  • Magic Stick: 5.9 Joyas Shortboard
  • Favorite destination: Indonesia
  • Favorite waves: Los Guirres
  • Favorite maneuver: Round house
  • Spots to go: Vanuatu
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Surf history

Ana discovered surfing on a trip to the French Atlantic coast. After surfing for the first time, she understood that she would, where Ana gained her first surf experiences. For her it was quickly clear that she would not stay in Germany for long. She went to Fuerteventura, and then she worked at surf schools in Port soon be leaving Germany in the search of sea, sun, and waves. Fuerteventura was the place where she improved and worked in surf schools from the very beginning, and later also in Portugal. She traveled to Central America, Asia, moved to La Palma and back to Fuerteventura; where everything began.Fuerteventura will always be a home to return to, after trying all the seas.
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