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Our training and nutrition plans will optimize your performance.

The Surf Moment training and nutrition plans offer every surfer what he or she needs most.

The Surf Moment training and nutrition plans are constantly renewed and expanded.

The portfolio includes:

Training plans of licensed personal trainers, pro surfers, surf trainers, etc.

Nutrition plans of chefs and food consultants

Yoga instructions and surf-specific exercises by professional yoga teachersĀ and physiotherapists

You will always find new articles about surfing in the shop

Surf trip preparation or breathing techniques for big waves?

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional: Surf Moment training plans only use modern and up-to-date training methods, which correspond to the Surf Moment quality standards and are based on proven methods from our specialists.

The right food for you is important

Our cooks and nutritionists develop specific plans for you - which meals (e.g. protein rich / poor) are appropriate for which moment (e.g. strength endurance, muscle development, etc.).

Surf Moment offers the right training and nutrition program for every surfer.

Our training and nutrition plans

Training and nutrition plans in preparation.

In the future, the training and nutrition plans will be available for you by video or PDF document.