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Coaching license

We are always looking for new professional surf coaches for our talent and coach pool.

The "Surf Training Professionals (STP)" license guarantees our customers the professional training and know-how of our surf coaches. The coaches should not only have an above-average surfing skillset, but they should also be able to convey all areas of surfing in a comprehensible manner. This includes a clear communicative approach as well as a professional understanding of surfing.

In addition, the STP coaches will be trained in various areas in order to be able to convey the Surf Moment portfolio of general fitness, healthy nutrition, and surf yoga with enthusiasm and heart - including the lifestyle, the etiquettes (rules), and the respect for nature.

The training is carried out by the Surf Moment coaches, each of whom is a licensed professional in their field.


Theoretical surf content, training methods, yoga principles, and nutritional science


Surf level assessment, fitness exercises, surf yoga, etc.

Communicative skills during a coaching session

Rescue deployment

Life rescue at land and sea

As a STP coach

After passing the STP exam, the surf coach is able to assess the surf level of the students. He or she can adapt the training plan to the surfing level and the physical fitness of the students.

This STP quality standard is the special feature of Surf Moment and distinguishes us from other associations and schools.

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I am applying for the acquisition of a Surf Training Professionals (STP) license and the inclusion in the index of Surf Moment coaches.

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