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Add Ons

The requirements of the Surf Moment Add-ons correspond to the highest quality standards

Your satisfaction is our benchmark

We always keep up with the pulse of the times, keep an eye out for new innovative methods, approaches, and ideas to make the surf sport holistic. In addition to surfing, we want to provide you with other unforgettable experiences with our extreme moments.

Holistic approach

Add-ons such as fitness, nutrition, and yoga have a holistic approach and focus on all the important surfing areas such as strength, endurance, flexibility, explosive force, balance, nutrients, etc.

Extreme Moments

You can enrich your surf trips with special experiences and adventures with the extreme moments. Experience new sports and get to know the country and the culture better.


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  • Nina Yoga
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  • Toni Nutrition

We want you

We are always looking for new, inspiring, and energetic members who want to join the multi-faceted Surf Moment team, who want to be part of the multi-faceted range of Surf Moment with their accomplishments and skills.