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  • Operator: Diana Morand
  • Occupatiopn: Chef
  • Add On category: Nutrition
If you decide to add Morand to your package, you can expect the following services:
  • Don't feel like spending your precious holiday time in the kitchen making breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Relax Rodolphe and Diana do it for you!
  • The Service is a private chef service, a gastronomic experience to delight all five senses. The reason taste is so important to happiness and well-being is simply that we are what we eat...  They bring culinary magic right to your table.
  • The private chefs prepare themed dinners, healthy lunches and daily breakfasts, up to full board. All of them re-invented for each new event according to the clients' preferences.
If you are interested in combining this add-on with your surf trip, we will prepare a non-binding offer together with Morand for you.

Morand Service


Rodolphe is from Avignon (France), where he trained as a chef, and graduated from catering school in 1989. He did his practical training in the Paradou restaurant in Avignon.

He’s also worked at the renowned “Brasserie Lipp”, among others, and “Le Senso”, where he prepared delicate Tuscan cuisine.

The couple went travelling round the Pacific for a year and stopped for a few months in Rangiroa, in the Tuamotus of French Polynesia. There, in the “Kia Ora” hotel, Rodolphe got to know the typical cuisine of the southern seas and fell in love with it; its strong influence marks his culinary creations to this day.



Diana’s from Luzern (Switzerland) and trained as a chef at the Sarnen vocational school, completing her practical training at the Belvedere Hotel in Hergiswil.

She went on to work at the gourmet restaurant “La Perle du Lac” and at “La Maison Blanche”, situated just below the “Brasserie Lipp”.

Then, Diana decided to change tack, and to deepen her knowledge of other aspects of the service industry, such as restaurant management. True to her ambition, it wasn’t long before she was Head of Service at the “Cafe Bizarre” and the “Omnibus”.

After spending a season in French Polynesia, the couple decided to opt for a quieter lifestyle, and they moved to Fuerteventura. That was more than 11 years ago

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