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  • Operator: Ben Barth
  • Occupatiopn: Project Manager, McFIT
  • Licences: Fitness-Trainer B-License
  • Add On category: Fitness
If you decide to add Ben as a fitness coach to your package, you can expect the following services:
  • Ben will do a personal training with you, as needed, every day before or after surfing.
  • With the help of individual training plans, Ben will assist you in improving your surfing performance and preparing yourself optimally for the next surf session or trip.
  • The main focus of Ben’s training is strength, endurance, flexibility, and explosive power: these are precisely the skills that your body needs to become fit for surfing.
If you are interested in combining this add-on with your surf trip, we will prepare a non-binding offer together with Ben for you.

Ben is our fitness expert. As a keen surfer, certified personal trainer and fitness coach, he knows all the right workouts to tone you up – at the beach, at home, or in town. After years of work experience in the fitness industry, he knows all about the current trends, newest developments, and innovations. Ben lives and breathes fitness and is always looking for new challenges to make the next session on the beach, in the gym, or in the line-up even better than the last one.

Add On available in:

Andalusia, Spain