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  • Operator: Angi Jauernig
  • Occupatiopn: Yoga teacher
  • Licences: Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Certified Pilates Matwork Trainer, Certified Groupfitness-B-Lizenz Trainer
  • Add On category: Yoga
If you decide to add Angi as a yoga teacher to your package, you can expect the following services:
  • Angi will perform yoga courses with you, as needed, every day before or after the surf session.
  • Angi designs her yoga exercises to perfectly match the demands of surfing, so that you can reach your optimal level of balance and agility.
  • The yoga is tailored to your individual needs and capabilities so that you are able to learn specific exercises that you can directly put into practice when surfing.
If you are interested in combining this add-on with your surf trip, we will prepare a non-binding offer together with Angi for you.

Angi is in charge of yoga. She was looking for a balance to her hectic, big-city life and the achievement-oriented sport she was practising.

Not only did she find a physical balance, but she also internalised the philosophical yoga approaches.

Angi used to think that there must be more to life than just “HERE AND NOW” …, so, like many others before her, she started to ask questions, like ”why am I here?”; “what is the meaning of life?”; “is there a god?”.

Fascinated by the continuous movements of Vinyasa Krama yoga and the energetic breathing techniques, she stayed faithful to yoga forever. At first, she skimmed books and practised focusing on her body, until she met her first authentic teacher Mario Reich (Hatha Vinyasa Yoga). She received her training from him and completed her first yoga instructor education in 2006.

However, when she came to the Jivamukti yoga studio in Berlin Charlottenburg in 2007, she was inspired by their style, their philosophy, and their method, and was lucky enough to receive an additional education in 2010, under her teacher Dr. Patrick Broome and Yogeswari.

Aside from Dr. Patrick Broome, there is only one other authentic yogi who practises yoga in the way Angi was taught. The Swiss Reinhard Gammenthaler teaches and practises the Sukshma Vinyama techniques. Exercises focus on the joints, and are combined with Pranayama, but mainly Bhastrika, yoga.

She was able to meet this very special teacher in 2008, when he was holding one of his annual seminars in Berlin.

Angi practises Jivamukti yoga (Patrick Broome) most of the time. She passes on the Hatha Kundalini yoga techniques, adapted from Reinhard Gammenthaler (Sukshma Vinyama), in a modified way and incorporates them into Vinyasa Krama yoga.

Angi is a big enrichment for Surf Moment, and we are more than happy to work with her and let her spirit and her experiences have an influence on our company.

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